Desktop App

The desktop app is currently only available for Windows and Linux.

Coming soon for Mac!

For any media

The desktop app will play any media that VLC can play.

Nothing to upload

Your files never have to leave your computer. The app will simply open the videos or musics with VLC.

How do I share my bookmarks?

While not having to upload your files makes the desktop app really easy to use, this means that other people might not be able to see your bookmarks immediately. But there are two ways you can still share them:

  • Via Dropbox:

    Simply share your video or music withing Dropbox. Once the person you shared it with has it, the app will recognize that the file is inside a Dropbox folder and it will try and find it there.

  • Upload bookmarks:

    If your media are too heavy for your Dropbox, you can decide to upload bookmarks individually. At which point they become available to anyone who has access to your project.

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