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Alien was a shock when it was released in 1979. Some newspapers were asking “Is Hollywood going too far?”. Still, there were huge queues in front of the cinemas, people were desperate to see it. It was an experience they wanted to go through.

Training Day


I am starting to study some movies for the current feature film I am writing. There are quite a lot I plan to look into, and have only started to study a few of those, but I have already learned a ton.

One of them is Training Day.

I like this movie and think it can be a good case study. One reason is that it is efficient in terms of storytelling. We quickly learn who is who, who wants what, what the conflicts are, and what is at stake. Another reason is that it is to the point, it knows what it wants to say and does not loose time or energy doing it.

You can view the various bookmarks I have created and if you happen to have the movie, you can copy them in your own project.

New Look


Everytime found its beauty.

I have done many experiments with how Everytime look, during the past 2 years. Thanks to your feedback, I knew I was on the right track. This week, I released its latest skin, much simpler, much prettier. It still goes in the minimalist direction, only the bare minimum is kept. Here one example of the new media widget:

Everytime loves soundcloud


Soundcloud has just been integrated into Everytime.

That now means you will be able to annotate moments inside online musics. Although it has been possible for a long time to import local music files, I always felt there was a missing bit. It definitely feels better when the musics you write inside can be accessed from anywhere.

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