API Documentation


All requests below require authentication, using your unique token:

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Rate limits

There are currently no limits to the number of requests you can send, but some reasonable limits might be applied in the future.

Endpoint and format

All api requests should be called to https://www.everytimehq.com/api/v1 using json or jsonp. Note that jsonp applies only for GET requests.


list your projects GET /projects
create a project POST /projects
show a project GET /projects/:id


list the Media in a Project GET /projects/:id/media
create a Medium POST /projects/:id/media
show a Medium GET /media/:id
update a Medium PATCH /media/:id
delete a Medium DELETE /media/:id


list the Bookmarks in a Medium GET /media/:id/bookmarks
create a Bookmark POST /media/:id/bookmarks
show a Bookmark GET /bookmarks/:id
update a Bookmark PATCH /bookmarks/:id
delete a Bookmark DELETE /bookmarks/:id


list the Play lists in a Project GET /projects/:id/play_lists
create a Play list POST /projects/:id/play_lists
show a Play list GET /play_lists/:id
update a Play list PATCH /play_lists/:id
delete a Play list DELETE /play_lists/:id


list the Storyboards in a Project GET /projects/:id/storyboards
create a Storyboard POST /projects/:id/storyboards
show a Storyboard GET /storyboards/:id
update a Storyboard PATCH /storyboards/:id
delete a Storyboard DELETE /storyboards/:id


list the Drawings in a Storyboard GET /storyboards/:id/drawings
create a Drawing POST /storyboards/:id/drawings
show a Drawing GET /drawings/:id
update a Drawing PATCH /drawings/:id
delete a Drawing DELETE /drawings/:id


list the Todo lists in a Project GET /projects/:id/todo_lists
create a Todo list POST /projects/:id/todo_lists
show a Todo list GET /todo_lists/:id
update a Todo list PATCH /todo_lists/:id
delete a Todo list DELETE /todo_lists/:id


list the Todo items in a Todo list GET /todo_lists/:id/todo_items
create a Todo item POST /todo_lists/:id/todo_items
show a Todo item GET /todo_items/:id
update a Todo item PATCH /todo_items/:id
delete a Todo item DELETE /todo_items/:id


add a comment to a medium POST /media/:id/comments
add a comment to a bookmark POST /bookmarks/:id/comments
add a comment to a play_list POST /play_lists/:id/comments
add a comment to a storyboard POST /storyboards/:id/comments
add a comment to a drawing POST /drawings/:id/comments
add a comment to a todo_list POST /todo_lists/:id/comments
add a comment to a todo_item POST /todo_items/:id/comments