About Everytime


Hello, my name is Guillaume Fradin

Before founding Everytime, I have been freelancing as a visual effects artist in major studios like Framestore and Weta Digital. who gave me opportunities to lead teams on fantastic projects such as Avatar and Gravity.

I also produced and directed a half hour short film, which earned recognition from great directors and actors.

Why did I create Everytime?

A few years ago, I completed a short film. There are several steps during its creation that I wished had been easier.

First, during the pre production, the director of photography, set designers, music composer and I had lengthy discussions about what we wanted to achieve.

Lots of those conversations where conceptual. What is the main idea behind the short? What are the motivation of the characters and how to we translate those in cinematic language?

But a large part was also taking inspiration from existing material. Movies, musics, photos, paintings. Talking about them required us to be in the same room. Everyone would bring dvds, books or anything that would feed the conversation.

Although enjoyable and instructive, those conversations were taking too long. Not because of the conversations themselves, but because of their logistics: We had to be in the same room and browse those movies and books.

There had to be a better way.

Second, shortly after the short was completed, I set out to write a feature. It was a difficult task and I was trying to find inspiration in movies I loved.

I started to watch Requiem for a dream and take notes about how the scenes where constructed, about how the character arcs where evolving.

Once the movie was finished, I had several pages of notes. That was great and I learned a ton in little time.

But that would not scale. There was no way I could take notes for many movies and consult them all easily. And I wished I could simply click on a note and have the related scene open up in front of me.

Again, there had to be a better way.

I needed an app that allowed me to take notes on anything. On a moment inside a movie. On an image. On a drawing. And I had to be able to share those with my team easily.

And it should not be a one-way process. Each team member had to be able to suggest ideas easily to the rest of the team.

Researching ideas and sharing them had to become friction-less.

That is what became Everytime.

It has been used successfully many times now. It helped me and my teams get inspired for the visual effects we created for Avatar, Gravity and many other projects. It helped understand how other movies were created. It allowed me to complete two screenplays.

And there are many other success stories to come.