Collaboration app for Creatives

Working with videos, images or sound?
Everytime helps your team communicate from anywhere.

This is amazing! My jaw hit the floor. I have been using FCPX keywords to organize all my media but this is significantly easier. I am flabbergasted at how easy it is to use this thing.

Tony Zhou, editor, Every Frame a Painting

Everytime is a Collaboration app for Creatives. If you work with videos, sounds or images, it might just be the right tool for you.

Each day, you encounter new sources of inspiration inside videos or musics. Maybe at a specific moment you will see a well composed shot, a great acting or a beautiful melody. Any of those can spark new ideas and help you on a project. It could be for a film you direct, a music you compose or a book you write.

Those moments of inspiration are difficult to capture. Even harder to share. This is what Everytime can help you with.

With Everytime, you can save any moment from Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud and any media on your computer. Those moments are then easy to share, publicly or privately, easy to discuss about and easy to find.

We prepared a quick tutorial to give you an idea of how easy it is to use Everytime. Start the demo.

Everytime might just be the friendliest app for filmmaking teams to collect and share visuals.

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For movies

In our blog, we explain how Everytime was used to analyse how some great movies were written and designed. Read more about Alien, Elephant Man and Children of Men.